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Welcome to the Vermilion County Emergency Management website. This site contains information and resources related to disasters and emergency preparedness. Here you will find information about emergency management, disasters, hazards, and preparedness for individuals, families, businesses, and animals.



The Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency provides guidance to local government, private sector, non-governmental organization and not-for-profit group stakeholders and decision makers and private citizens through emergency preparedness education and training, advanced planning and situational awareness to improve their overall preparedness, planning, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities in the event of large-scale catastrophic incidents.


Receive immediate warning information for Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, Flash Flooding or any other dangerous and hazardous conditions that could affect you and your family.  And receive it directly on your cellphone!  

Just complete the sign up form in the widget below, be sure to check the box for “I accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy” and then click “SIGN UP” and you’re done!  

Then no matter where you are, when the Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency sends out an Advisory, Alert or Warning for the citizens of Vermilion County, you will receive the text on your cellphone!  

You just have to have a cellphone capable of receiving text messages.  

Don’t delay.  Protect yourself and your family.

Access or Functional Needs Registration!
Functional Needs Registration

Do you or someone in your family have an Access or Functional Need that will require you to get special assistance or help in the event of an emergency?  Would you need assistance evacuating your home?  If so, please take the time to register with the Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency and Vermilion County Health Department.  This registration is easy and private.  In case of a wide spread emergency in your area where you may need assistance, we will notify the local emergency responders to help you and your family immediately.  Simply click on the picture below to get started.